Smarter, Cleaner, Safer, Ecological Urban Environment

Embracing a smarter and safer environment

With HyperSphere, new smarter applications utilising AI and Machine Learning tools and technologies can potentially enhance peoples lives.

HyperSphere provide the necessary capability to help you to mitigate risk and implement the latest smart technologies, seamlessly and effectively.

Let us help you unlock your extra potential with your Smart Project, Whether:

  • Smart Communications
  • Smart Data Management
  • Smart Real Time Operations
  • Smart Command, Control Asset Management

Mindful of ecology, education, health and wellness. Providing technical guidance and consulting services on “Secure Smart environments such as cities, airports, transport systems, emergency services and utilities to enhance peoples lives and create a safer environment for people to thrive.

Smart City

Following our well proven Strategic Consulting process, HyperSphere design collaborative and interactive Smart scalable technical spaces, allowing people and technology to grow and flourish together.

city centre
Smart city app

HyperCity – Digital Transformation Platform

HyperCity is a fully integrated Ecosystem gathering and aggregating data via the IoT, bringing all stakeholders of the city on the same platform providing easy access to all thing Smart;

  • to citizens
  • to government and city officials
  • to tourists
  • to businesses

Who can engage in just a few clicks on any smart device!

This platform has unlimited potential and its capabilities will help smart city stakeholders to monitor, control, communicate and manage many things, enabling a smarter, better quality of life for everyone.

Our smart engine, Hyper Smart Engine (HSE) technology gives convenient and easy accessibility to; smart health, e-governance, city reports, smart tourism - absolutely anything and to everyone.

Providing easy access to all things smart, HyperCity is your one-stop-shop Smart City platform.

HYPERCITY – Click for more information and to arrange a demonstration

Inspiring innovation for a smarter, safer and sustainable world”

New smarter applications and technologies

HyperSphere, working with technology partners, to implement new smarter applications and technologies that can enhance peoples lives.

For example:

  • Smart Urban Mobility and traffic management.
  • IoT managed Rubbish/ Trashbins through cloud based, smart waste and recycling solution, for cleaner cities.
  • Smart water management.
  • Smart Waste management.
  • Energy conservation, such as Smart LED Wifi enabled Street lighting enabling the deployment of city-wide Wi Fi

Just to name but a few!

Embracing technologies to brighten up our lives and keep our streets clean.

smart refuse collection
smart-city energy saving devices

Smarter Totally Connected Cities, Urban mobility

Taking control with Smarter Urban mobilization with vastly improved analytics to provide data for faster decision making. To also provide:

  • Smarter traffic systems.
  • Pedestrian, Cycling.
  • Smart Parking.
  • On Demand video for advertising and information.
  • Public Safety through CCTV.
  • Citizen/Visitor Expectations through digital wayfinding and digital kiosks.
  • Location Tracking of Assets.
  • Access to the IoT through well deployed wireless access points.

Smart parking

What is a Smart City?

In our opinion:

  • Real Time Monitoring and Management, local, state and centrally.
  • Data Centres.
  • Clean & safe water supply.
  • Reclamation, recycling, desalination.
  • Energy.
  • Solar, wind, hydro and geothermal.
  • Environmental & Ecological management.
  • Such as clean air, reducing respiratory issues, Solid waste management, smart dustbins, recycling.
  • Urban mobility, Traffic & Transportation Flows.
  • Traffic management EV, Smarter public transport EV, Walking, Cycling.
    Smart urban flow, efficient public transportation & traffic monitoring will reduce congestion.
  • Smarter Emergency Services.
  • Health care - Digital transformation to save lives!
  • Taking technology to your people for cancer screening for those unable to attend already over stretched hospitals - Doctors having patient information at finger tips even remotely - Smart training - Virtual simulation.
  • Education.
  • Peoples’ safety & Security.
  • Data Capture: Sensors & Cameras - Caught on Camera and tracked!
  • Video crime monitoring and public safety will benefit entire communities & drive economic growth.
  • Smart Communications and connectivity, IoT.
  • Connectivity improves; e-Health/Tele-Medicine, e-Education/Tele-Education, Citizen Engagement & e-Governance; e-Finance, e-Commerce, social engagement.

Medical education
car thief car park camera
Street Surveillance

“HyperSphere proud to be invited to be a member of the Alliance and now pleased to announce we are”

Environmental management: Breath of fresh air for the city!

  • Appropriate monitoring of land use management.
  • Monitoring of real time and long term data on climatic change.
  • Finding solutions to air pollution is a prerequisite for creating sustainable cities.
  • Measurement of ground water tables, pilferage during supply, and allocation for agriculture and households.
  • Production and introduction of energy from existing and new energy resources in a sustainable way.