Strategic Consulting

Working collaboratively with the stakeholder group, the HyperSphere team identifies the requirements of every project, enabling us to create a unique, first class service every time.

What is Strategic Consulting?

Strategic consulting is the industry and practice of assisting businesses with high-level decision making. HyperSphere work with you, to help you achieve the best results for your business.

We offer support in the following key areas:


We identify and define workflow and its purpose. We assess how it is currently performing, and measure this against your future requirements.

We identify specific training and communication processes that each space needs to deliver improved results, and review how effectively each target is being met.


Part of our strategic consulting service is identifying the different groups with day-to-day involvement in your business. 

We identify both users and the wider stakeholder group, and provide a top level view of their requirements. This allows us to provide an expert analysis of stakeholder needs.

We also provide details of potential additional staffing requirements upon completion of the project.

Strategic Consulting


We identify and define each of your work spaces, its purpose, and how it is performing currently against your existing and future requirements.  We then identify and define the infrastructure needed to support those future targets.

We also provide support with the needs of your tech users, from acoustics and finishes to furniture and sight lines. Our services combine to provide you with a friendly and productive working environment.


Frameworks serve as your standard templates to help structure and break down common business problems. But however well organised and well written, no single template will fit every situation.

Choosing the right framework to address your unique challenges is no simple task. At HyperSphere, we identify and define the operational impact of your current and potential future frameworks, helping shape and refine your approach moving forward.


An analysis of your project needs informs the basis of any design, engineering, project management, operational element and the implementation of any solution to be provided beyond the life cycle of any project.