About Us

The HyperSphere team possess a wealth of international experience across a range of sectors. Our office is based in the UK.

Frank Sheehan – CEO of HyperSphere Limited and Lead Consultant

HyperSphere - Frank Sheehan image

A highly experienced technologist, Frank is a versatile and focused individual having undertaken and led key technical and managerial roles. Frank is a leading technical authority, technology visionary and systems architect, providing guidance in mapping the right technology to a client’s workflow and process that provides unification of communications whilst engaging the use of scalable collaborative visualization systems and technical professional training facilities.

Collaborative in his work ethics, Frank is able to engage with architects and building construction professionals, providing technology guidance for a totally integrated solution within a building, new or retro fit to an existing building.

Frank is able to provide knowledge transfer to industry peers as a recognized InfoComm instructor on digital infrastructure, with the aim of providing a ubiquitous network infrastructure to support the digital pipeline whether fiber, IP based or P2P.

Frank is experienced in working internationally in many market verticals, including: Automotive, FMCG industries, security, research facilities. Frank has also spent more than 10 years mostly in the Oil & Gas market, consulting on multiple projects and ensuring best practice with visualization strategies within the industry.