Experienced team. Global outlook.

HyperSphere is an international, vendor-independent technology solutions provider. Our experienced team deliver top quality services, on time and on budget, anywhere in the world.Our expertise include state of the art simulation, research, command & control centres, and the essential security sector.

Isn’t it wonderful when technology just works?

At HyperSphere, we strive to create a positive user experience, focusing on the needs of your people to improve workflow and increase productivity. We do this through the integration and augmentation of AV-IT technology within your working environment.

Hypersphere approach each project with a fresh perspective. We analyse and research your business needs and match suitable technology, keeping you closely informed throughout. By improving workflow and productivity, we work to increase the efficiency of your business.

We provide bespoke technology solutions, from strategic consulting through to technical design, project management and implementation services. 

We integrate technology seamlessly with its users.

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